Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Provence in a Campervan.

Poppies in Provence
Sainte Croix
By dawarwick photography - Flickr Commons
By Widerbergs - Flickr

Sunny, bright, mountains, coastlines and quaint hilltop cities. Fashionable towns, medieval cities and fields and fields of flowers and lavendar. How perfect. This is Provence.

Everybody at some point must experience the joy of Provence. The region of Provence is known for enjoying the simple pleasures of life. It's the area that all other cities try and replicate in their culture, but only the French can do it properly.

2005 - Casis, Provence, France
By MojoBaer - Flickr Commons

Sit outside your campervan aside a field of lavendar and relax. Swim in tranquil sparkling waters and rejuvenate. Drink the regions superb wine and you'll never want to leave. The way to make the region so accessible is by having a camper. Cruise from place to place with your belongings safely with you, stop wherever you see the perfect vista and embrace the good life.

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